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Shipping Manifest for Elliott

StarShip links seamlessly to ELLIOTT so shipping is fast and accurate. Freight charges can be written back to your orders so they're ready to invoice as you ship.
Links directly to ELLIOTT Order, Customer, and Customer Ship-To Address Files.  
Browse window lets you easily select the ELLIOTT record to ship against. Has multiple search fields and moves to the nearest match as you type.  
Retrieves all shipping information from the order including ship-to address, ship via, customer PO, total weight, and COD amount  
Online UPS/FEDEX Tracking is now directly available through Elliott. Simply click on a link in an Elliott Note, and your package will be automatically tracked for you.  
Elliott's Starship Manifest Report creates an audit trail report and an exception report to keep you on top of your shipping operation. Further, a billing reconcilliation report will help you check your monthly carrier report.  
  With ver 7.x, you can have an email automatically sent to your customer notifying them that the shipment has been made. A tracking number and hyperlink to the appropriate carrier will be provided.  

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