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Elliott Work Order Plus
(WOP) - Production / Manufacturing Solution

Work Order Plus is an easy to use and comprehensive production and manufacturing solution developed to substitute our legacy manufacturing solution. Work Order Plus is a standard feature in Elliott Business Software.

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Elliott Work Order Plus Features

Allow Scanning to Automatically Collect Data

Work Order Plus can reduce data entry with the support of barcode scanning. Operators can scan an ID badge to begin an operation, and scan the barcoded shop order and routing number on the traveler ticket. Special operations, like breaks and meetings, can also be barcoded and scanned accordingly. The system will automatically record productive and non-productive labor hours spent on the shop order.

Real-Time Shop Activity monitoring

This powerful feature lets management know the shop floor status at a glance. You can view production history and labor hours, start productions, view cancelled orders, complete and report production and more.

Real-Time Item Cost Calculation

Work Order Plus provides real-time item cost calculation. There is no need for a separate Job Costing Module and extra steps needed to report costs. The WIP process will be reported for each operation in real-time.

Easy Material Planning - ATP

The ATP, Available To Promise, feature is Elliott's MRP (Material Requirement Planning) module. The system will allow you to determine current and future inventory availablity to meet current and future production needs. The system offers an ATP Summary Report, which is a valuable tool for determining future inventory shortages and if purchases need to made immediately. Plan Purchase Orders and Shop Orders can be generated if there are current or future shortages.

Easy Capacity Planning - Rough Cut Report

Work Order Plus provides a Rough Cut Report to assist with capacity planning. The report shows the estimation of work center capacity by periods of time. The period can be by a day, a week, two weeks, or a month. The report prints all the labor and machine hours left from unfinished work orders in each work center of each period of time. This makes it easy to spot if a work center is out of resources, labor or machine hours, during a period of time.

You can export the report to a CSV file. The exported CSV file has more detail and can be edited and sorted in Excel.

Work Order Plus Manuals

Getting Started Manual
Setup Manual
Shop Manual
Management Manual
Advanced Features Manual